Aridness of Farms and the Fate of Farmers


arid-land-in-Punjab2.jpgWith the rainfall conditions becoming hugely irregular due to climate change impacting big time, the farmers who depend on seasonal monsoon for their livelihood are facing huge difficulties in their journey of life. With no proper irrigation facilities, their problems and worries continue to worsen year-on-year and there are no signs of any positive change, at least in the short term.Their problem is not a recent one. It has been troubling the farmers for years and the whole nation is troubled by the news of huge farmer suicides being telecasted all over the national televisions, radios and newspapers, but still the government is not able to solve the problem. In the budget sessions the government allocates huge incremental funds every year to address this issue but the ground reality remains the same and in fact the situation worsens with each passing year. So it becomes crystal clear that the government funds are being appropriated by the concerned higher officials. As the farmers have not seen any sign of progress, their hopes have become arid. They have nowhere to go as there is no one to listen to their complaints. So what is the fate of the monsoonal rainfall-dependent poor farmers in the years to come, where the signs of huge seasonal change occurring due to global warming and climate change are crystal clear?


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