Ratan Tata said, ” If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together”.

Youth of today’s generation believe in handling power single-handedly. They believe that they can handle everything alone. Most of the time they do not listen to their elders’ suggestions. They have a totally different mindset from that of the previous generations’.

 No doubt, it is good to possess such confidence while doing any task. But the problems arise when they are overconfident and is the case in most of the situations. Overconfidence will bring no good results. It is highly possible that they may achieve success in the short term; but in the long term they will not survive.

Instead we should listen to what our contemporaries have a say on the matter as well as to our elders’ suggestions.Only after that, we should move ahead. The intelligence and excellent leadership quality possessed by today’s youth combined with the age-old knowledge of the elders’ will bring about a deadly combination. The outcomes of such tasks will never go wrong.

In order to be successful in the long run one should go hand-in-hand with others and never leave someone in the course of the road. Together we should stand the test of time.



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