Normally a person’s professional career lasts 50 years. People start their profession from an age as early as 20 years and work till 70 years of age.

In a month we have 26 working days (considering Sundays are the only holidays).

So in a year we have 312 working days. And in 50 years a total of 15600 working days.

Let us consider that we utilize 12 hours a day in our job, then we only have 7800 days in hand.

7800 days is a very little time for a lifetime. We cannot bring our lost time back. So let us utilize it fully and not waste even a single minute. If we utilize our time carefully the benefit will be ours and if we do not then the loss will be ours too. Finally it is we to decide whether to utilize our time effectively and get ahead in life, or remain a mediocre without making use of our precious little time. Make a smart choice, be effective and go head in life.


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