Is one happy with one’s reflections on the mirror? One wakes up every morning and the first thing that most of us do is to look at our reflections in the mirror. If one is happy one’s reflection is even happier, and if one is sad the reflection is even sadder. That feels like one’s reflection is mocking and taunting the one. But the situation is most of us are not happy with our reflections. One wants a better version of oneself. One wish that one were perfect. One tries very hard to make one likes oneself. Often one tries more than necessary to make oneself looks better and stands out from the crowd. Sometimes one gets frustrated of trying too much. It is quite human that one is self conscious of one’s look. But there is no point of trying harder than one can endure. One should learn to be content and be happy with the way one is. One that is content with whatever little that one has in one’s life is a happy man. No money can buy happiness more than one’s contention can.


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