A Full “Moon” Night ( Poornima )


In Manipuri language, a full moon night is called ‘Poornima’. People eagerly wait for this beautiful night, which come once in a month. All the gloomy and sad minds lighten at the sight of her beauty. An angry soul is appeased by her smiling and peaceful face. In Manipuri folktale, it is believed that jackfruit trees grow up there on the moon’s surface. When a baby cries at night, a mother soothes the  baby by singing a song requesting the moon to drop down a jackfruit from up there, and in turn she will return the favor by soothing the moon’s baby as well by her song.

Nevertheless Poornima is not perfect. She has flaws on her beautiful face. The conclusion is no one is perfect. Each has its flaw, but we must face that fact and not let it use to our disadvantage. We must live with our weaknesses and not be discouraged. Instead we should feel that this weakness is what that makes “Me”. Without that I will be like any other person. So, let’s love ourselves and respect other’s strength and weaknesses as well.



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