The “Untold” Muse


What is your “MUSE”? What inspires you to concentrate on your tedious corporate job/ your business? What inspires you to wake up early in the morning and go to bed late at night, even if you are very tired and not in a position to concentrate even halfheartedly? The answer for most of us is money. Someone may be having enough money to feed their family for many coming generations. They may be living luxurious life. Affordability concern may not be in their family’s dictionary. But is one satisfied with that much of money?  Will one ever say that one has got enough money to retire from  one’s business? The answer is NO. This is due to a mixture of craziness , madness, love and greediness for money. There won’t ever be a limit for this craziness. One can go way out of one’s comfort level just for money. But no one is brave enough to come out in the open to claim this craziness. When one goes for a Business school interview, will one ever say that one is joining the course for its fat salary? It is time that we give  a serious thought to this and discuss it.


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